ArtSense Offerings

 ArtSense Offerings

“Women Who Howl With The Moon”

Creating art in harmony with nature to recapture a sense of self and self-empowerment

“Women Who Howl With The Moon” offers a safe, supportive environment to re-discover one’s unique powers as a woman. Experience a weekend retreat in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild as we embrace the philosophy and synergy of creating art in response to our divine feminine.

“Letting Go and Holding On”

Our Mothers, ourselves


Explore and celebrate the gift of the powerful bond and at times fragile relationship of Mothers and Daughters is experienced and celebrated in this 3-day workshop.  What is the legacy we all bring as women who becomes mothers?  What do daughters teach their mothers about themselves while bringing insight to their own womanhood?   Bring your mother, bring your daughter and discover the balance of “letting go and holding on” to this fragile yet strong and powerful relationship between mother and daughter.

“Fire In The Belly”

Our bodies have a voice

What would your body say to you now if you gave it the power and permission to speak, and you knew how to listen openly and fully?  Take part this 6-week – 3-hours ArtSense workshop to discover what your bodies have to say to you.  In this safe and supportive group you will create from your “fire in the belly”.  You will be supported and guided as you create a painting, collage or sculpture and then respond with music, movement and writing.   Allow your body, in all its wisdom, to whisper to you what it knows.

“Inner Compass”

Awaken to your journey


What direction are you taking in your life right now?  Are you standing at a crossroads wondering which path to take?  Awaken to your journey through Artsense.  Allow this 3-hour – 6 week workshop to discover the opportunities that are unfolding for you right now.   Enter into your imagination and let go the logic and the “story” of your challenges aside.  Through ArtSense you will step out of your life’s routine and re-awaken your senses and playfulness to help you uncover your Inner Compass.


Speaking From The HEART

When words are too much or not enough

A Two-day workshop for married couples.   Enter the creative space where you will speak from and through art created by you and your partner, both together and individually.  Learn how your heart speaks through the art what each of you desires in your life’s partnership.  Your HEARTwill lead you to a more fulfilling and loving relationship, not only in your marriage but also in your relationship with yourself.

“Cradling Our Hearts”

Our hearts respond to loss by beckoning us into the dark healing cradle of our grief

In our grief we step away from the world knowing our hearts need nourishment, tender care, and quietness.

Give yourself the time and self-care to cradle your grief during this 8-week ArtSense grief and loss group. Through creating in the arts we will find the strength and purpose to commit to our lives again as we gently emerge into the light from the darkness of our grief.

ArtSense Individual Sessions”

“Creativity is often explained as an ability that allows people to discover a new solution to an old problem.”    -Moreno

One-on-one sessions are offered to those seeking a private therapeutic experience. Through noticing and attending to your bodily gestures and verbal language, Anita will offer an ArtSense experience such as painting, drawing, music or dance  to help you playfully step away from your “problems”. Afterwards you may write a reflection or create another artful response to deepen your experience.

Through this artful sensory process thoughts, memories, and feelings may reveal a resource that can lend itself to gaining new perspectives and new possibilities to living a creative and fulfilling life.



ArtSense Individual Sessions are offered in 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions

ArtSense Private (participants – family, friends – invited by you) Group Workshop Sessions Available

(minimum 4 persons)

Any of the ArtSense group workshops apply:

Women Who Howl With the Moon

Fire In The Belly

Cradling Our Hearts

Inner Compass

Letting Go and Holding On

Speaking from the HeART

Please contact us for rates and availability