“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life

as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

-Joseph Campbell

ArtSense can help you experience life to the fullest.  And what better way to enliven your artist spirit and provide that gift of renewal than to experience the world around us?  Let ArtSense be your guide to recapture a sense of wonder in the beautiful English countryside of Market Bosworth.  Or become inspired to paint, and write poetry, as you visit the golden hills of Tuscany.


Imagine strolling along the same streets walked by King Richard of Warwickshire during the 16th century.    Enjoy the experience of history as you wander the streets of Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of Shakespeare.  Create a poem, a painting, or dance as you respond to your sensory experience of the beautiful English countryside.

journey image

“Journey Seekers”

By Anita Carter

Collage/acrylic on wood


Your senses will rejoice, as you smell the scent of fresh-cut herbs and fragrant flowers floating on a summer breeze in Tuscany, Italy.   Delight and free your imagination to create a painting, song, or poem from an enriching and sensuous experience of Italy.


As Journey Seekers you will be able to incorporate the ArtSense method into your daily living. Journey Seekers will have the opportunity to learn to attend to their five senses in an artful innovative way.

You will learn to trust and “notice” what stirs or repels you and how to bring your responses into art making. Journey Seekers will gain a new awareness into the art of art making that will enliven and awaken the essence of you.

Interested ArtSense Journey Seekers

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