ArtSense Testimonials

“Through ArtSense, Anita Carter, guided me through some of the darkest days of my life.  Anita provided an environment of understanding, trust, kindness and acceptance which enable me to get in touch with my feelings through the arts.”

A. Arnell – Carlsbad, CA

“Anita’s skills are subtle.  She can guide you through the anxiety and terror of the past to relief, and, to a quiet picture of the reality you are seeking to understand. She gives you tools you can use to grow on your own and becomes a friend in the process.  Anita is worth her weight in gold.”

O. Welch – Carlsbad, CA

“Anita Carter was the silver lining in my cloud of sorrow. She gently and subtly guided me through the depths of my psyche to gather the pieces of my grief puzzle, so that I could heal and be whole again. I have gone forward and I am enjoying life.”

A. Dixon – Carlsbad, CA

“Ms. Carter volunteered her time to provide an expressive arts therapy group to the Marines at Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, Camp Pendleton, CA from July 2009-July 2010. During this time, I worked closely with Ms. Carter as the co-Director of the Mental Health Outpatient Program. She was a great asset to our team, providing therapy through artwork, allowing the Marines to address underlying trauma through a neutral medium and connect their emotions with physical manifestations. This was a service that could not have been performed without Ms. Carter’s expertise and compassionate demeanor. I highly recommend Anita Carter for future assignments within the therapeutic arts.”

R. Wahl, HM1, US Navy, Camp Pendleton

“ArtSense is a wonderful way to enhance a person’s life.  I had the chance to work with Anita and each time that I did, the day started great.  As a manager in a very demanding job, ArtSense helped relieve stress and allowed me to clear my mind.  It allowed me to get in touch with my artistic side…a side that I don’t get to see very often.  It made me a better person on that day!  I would encourage anyone who likes art, even is the slightest, to engage, into ArtSense sessions.  And for those who don’t like art! Do it anyway, you’ll be happy you did!”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S. Grijalva, RN, CCM – Navy Hospital,  Camp Pendleton

“I found that playing in the arts is not only enjoyable but necessary in my life.”

M. Oakes – Los Angeles, CA.

“I think I made great strides with my grieving.  Anita Carter was really instrumental in helping me to recover from the loss of my mother.”

Anonymous – Carlsbad, CA

“ArtSense was completely motivating, uplifting and supportive.  The art making gave me the space to value who I am so I can be all I want to be for the first time in my life.”

C. Shaw – Vista, CA

 img_morning light

By Anita Carter

Watercolor/tissue collage on Paper

Buried Dreams

“Today is a day for being.  Be kind to yourself.  Be quiet and call forth the dream you buried long ago.  The ember is still glowing in your soul.”

-S. Breathnach